Goal geolocated, show in map

Photo of goal


Gymkhana is the typical boy-scout game where a person (manager) proposes a place to be found by the players. To do so, the manager must be in the destination point, and with the mobile device must click to receive the coordinates for the end point. Then he must write the instructions for the players, and he can also take a picture of the destination point so the players can see it, as a clue.

He also has to configure the number of players, and the range which will provide information about the proximity when the player asks for a clue. Finally, the manager must select the number of clues given for each player, and then click on "Start game".

After that, the information about the players will be displayed, with the number of clues left to each player, and the possibility of creating a new game if desired.


Each player will enter his name, and anytime he wishes to receive a clue, he should click on the "Am I close?" button. A message will be displayed with the proximity to the destination and with the number of clues that the player can use.

When a player reaches the destination, he will get the winner message, at this point, the game will end.


Number of left clues: 0